24 Jun

Sometimes the days seem very long, that the end is not in sight; trials we face, mountains we climb, they seem insurmountable at best. But there’s a sweet place we can step into that makes each moment of each day fill with peace that passes understanding and gives strength that only the One who created us can give. Where is that place? That place is in the cleft of the rock, in the shelter of His wings, it’s in our high tower, yes even in the valley of the shadow of death. In that place, that place where our faith becomes our closest companion is where we will find the courage to fulfill the purpose we were created for. It is where we will find the exhilarating boldness to soar above the clouds of doubt and fear into a state of riding the current of self-worth and a realization that only in Christ are we capable of looking at ourselves as the apple of the eye of the One who created the Universe. Why does He love us so? Why are we so important to Him?Because we are His. We were created in His image with a plan to become more than ordinary. We are to be peculiar, different, set apart. The only way to attain this beauty is to step into HIS presence and sit at His feet, soaking in the love that only a perfect Father can give. The love our Father gives is Jesus.  

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